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The MASHH uses an amplifiedair generator to supply over 700 CFM at low pressure 10 psi running on 240V 3phase power Heated and cooledair packages are available

Mobile Air Shower Controls Crystalline Silica

Oct. 14, 2013
Contaminated clothing presents respiratory threat Amplified air, HEPA vacuum, adjustable air knife

The HALENHARDY MASHH mobile air shower removes hazardous crystalline silica from workers clothes during industrial operations, and recently earned the inaugural Ben Franklin Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center Environmental, Health and Safety Award.

Though invisible to the naked eye, crystalline silica may lead to serious, or fatal illness once it is inhaled, such as silicosis, tuberculosis infection and kidney disease may result.  

When workers wear silica-contaminated clothing, respirable crystalline silica is constantly being released as they move about, and remains in their breathing zone where it can be inhaled, ignoring contaminated clothing or using ineffective clothes cleaning methods, increases the workers’ risk of developing silicosis.

The MASHH uses an “Always Available” amplified-air generator to supply over 700 CFM at low pressure (under 10 psi) to the air shower. The system suns on 240-V, 3-phase power and uses up to 90% less energy than comparable systems. Heated and cooled air packages are available, too.

A filtration package includes pre-filter and HEPA filter, and complies with OSHA, MSHA, and NIOSH specifications for clothes-cleaning applications. The system is able to detect necessary filter replacement, and notify operators. The HEPA vacuum operates at 2,000 CFM and removes 99.8% of particulate from the exhaust.

An adjustable 63-in. air knife adapts as necessary for worker height and airflow control.

The PLC and touchscreen HMI present simple operator instructions and single-button activation to initiate the cleaning cycle. Long-life LED lighting keeps everything clear and visible.

The MASHH unit is designed to withstand all conditions with an aluminum-composite enclosure. The entire system is skid-mounted with forklift and strap holes for easy handling and transport.