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The Surtronic S100 Series roughness tester for multiple manufacturing quality application has a large touch screen with intuitive software a column and stand with vee block to measure cylindrical shapes and is portable and flexible for handling awkward or difficult measurements

Portable Surface Roughness Tester

Nov. 10, 2013
50-mm stylus / 70-mm stylus Stand and printer for integrated set-up Standard and mini USB ports Impact-resistant body

TAYLOR HOBSON worked with manufacturers across a range of industries, including precision component and bearings producers, to develop a new series of portable roughness testers robust enough for the shop floor, while flexible enough for any inspection room. The Surtronic® S-100 Series has the versatility to meet the roughness requirements of multiple surface measurement applications. It features a 50-mm stylus lift with right-angle attachment, and a more than 70-mm stylus reach that allows surface measurement without the use of expensive risers, blocks, stands or fixtures. The practical and versatile stylus can even measure upside down.

When equipped with an S-100 Series stand and printer, the durable, compact device can be used as a fully integrated roughness measurement solution.

Through its standard USB and USB mini ports, S-100 Series instruments offer users an range of connectivity options. Roughness measurements for multiple parts can be stored internally or saved to a standard USB memory device. The USB port also can be used to attach a portable printer, allowing printed data to accompany a part to the next stage of manufacture or end use. The USB mini port can be used to charge the device with any standard USB charger or for connection to a PC for data analysis and reporting.

The Surtronic S-100 has a rubberized, impact-resistant body for protection and an improved comfort grip. It surrounds a recessed, Mylar-protected high-durability touch screen and a solid stainless steel drive mechanism with anti-wear gears and bearings. The device is powered by a 3000-mAh heavy-duty Li-Poly battery that can provide up 2,000 measurements from a single charge.

Along with the above features, three versions of advanced Talyprofile surface finish analysis software is available for the Surtronic S-100 Series: a “Lite” version has all of the functions typically used for shop floor inspection;  a “Silver” version has enhanced features and a full report printing capability; and  a “Gold” version has complete laboratory analysis functions. All three versions include multi-language support, desktop publishing templates, and roughness and waviness curves.