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Brass Knuckle Read is cost-effective and lightweight bifocal eye protection that fits well and is available in five diopter strengths.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific™ ARL iSpark™ 8860 Inclusion Analyzer with Spark-DAT.
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Brake disc in-line quality inspection.
Fluke Process Instruments
The ThermoView TV30 enables 24/7 temperature monitoring without an external PC, easy interfacing with PLCs and sophisticated analysis with real-time feedback on the compliance and safety of processes and assets.
Rich screen graphics of the TouchDMIS™ software display every action before execution, guiding the measuring process and eliminating potential user errors.

Budget CMM with Touchscreen Software

Nov. 30, 2013
X and Y axes on one level Accuracy 2.5 microns 500X400X440 mm measuring volume All-touch CMM software with full CAD capability

COORD3’s new Benchmark CMM is a high-performance, budget-priced coordinate measuring system with a small footprint. The ‘half-gantry,’ advanced alloy design has its X and Y axes at the same level, providing increased rigidity, and the open structure offers excellent ergonomics for inspecting high-volume production parts or single parts.

The compact size meets production CMM or quality-room applications, and fits through a standard door width.  The full air-bearing Benchmark CMM, with accuracy of 2.5 microns and a measuring volume of 500X400X440 mm, comes standard with a Renishaw touch-probe.

Benchmark is available in manual or CNC configurations. Manual units can be upgraded to full CNC in the field at a later date, offering a two-phase investment in CMM technology.

The CMM also can be used as a programmable production gage. In addition, optional wireless thermal compensation allows the Benchmark to measure accurately in shop conditions.

This Benchmark CMM is equipped with TouchDMIS software, the world’s first all-touch CMM software with full CAD capability. TouchDMIS requires just a few hours of training and an incredibility short learning curve.

The software’s Measurement Wizard and Construction Professor minimize user input to the software, and access to the DMIS programming language is not required for measurements, programming, or editing. TouchDMIS is loaded with innovative timesaving features. Built-in intellect provides the user with screen dynamics, minimizing selection choices and eliminating traditional function searches. Rich screen graphics display every action before execution guiding the measuring process and eliminating potential user errors.

Measured data can be presented as a Blueprint Report, whereby a fully dimensioned drawing of the measured part is created for fast and easy interpretation of measured results.