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Industrial Videoscope for High-Res Images

Dec. 7, 2013
Compact, field-portable system Processor reduces noise and sharpens images Wide Dynamic Extended Range image processing
An interior view of a cast structure.

OLYMPUS released the IPLEX RX and IPLEX RT industrial videoscopes for remote visual inspection of parts and areas that are difficult to reach. They feature a new ultra-bright LED light system and a high-resolution CCD chip intelligently controlled by the unique PulsarPic image processor to render very clear and sharply defined images that greatly enhance image quality and make the detection of tiny defects more efficient.

The PulsarPic processor reduces noise and sharpens images resulting in exceptionally high-resolution images for inspections in low-light conditions. The new LED illumination system is nearly twice as bright as conventional videoscopes and dynamically adjusts light output to reduce halation from metal or reflective surfaces.

The IPLEX RX and RT are compact, field-portable videoscopes that have a large 6.5-inch screen with an anti-reflective daylight-view monitor, permitting accurate inspections even in direct sunlight. The new IPLEX scopes are ideal for applications where operator access is limited, from boilers to fuselages and engines, and gearboxes.

The IPLEX RX and RT provide rugged durability in harsh environments. They comply with IP55 standards and with U.S. Defense Standards MIL-STD-810F, Method 506.4 and 510.4 for resistance to dust and rain, and with MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.5 for the 1.2-meter drop test. Operation of the IPLEX RX and RT is easy.  Most operations and features can be accessed by one press of the quick-access buttons on the ergonomic, lightweight handset. The handset also houses the Olympus power-assist TrueFeel scope articulation control while an intuitive icon-based menu makes it easy for the operator to quickly select the right menu option.

The IPLEX RX features the unique WiDER (Wide Dynamic Extended Range) image processing capability that brings out detail in shadowed and highlighted areas to produce bright, contrast-balanced images across the entire depth of field. The IPLEX RX also features user-selectable color and sharpness settings, providing a customizable image to suit any particular application.

From image archiving to defect measurement and image management on a PC, post-inspection tasks are made easier. The IPLEX RX and RT feature high-quality JPEG still images and AVI movies that record directly to a removable USB flash drive. Saving or retrieving images requires a single button press while the thumbnail view allows instant review of inspection results. The InHelp inspection-assist software that is standard on the IPLEX RX and RT greatly improves work efficiency and simplifies inspections by streamlining data and organizing stored images.  In May 2014, Olympus will offer the advanced Olympus-pioneered Stereo Measurement technology as an additional capability of the IPLEX RX, which enables high-resolution image capture with two parallax lenses, permitting accurate measurement of almost any object from any angle.