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The FilterSense PM 100 features a userfriendly controllerdisplay that provides value added functions such as on the spot trend analysis and data logging

Particulate CEM Instrument

Oct. 20, 2014
Continuous emissions monitor for stacks, baghouses, cartridge dust collectors, cyclones, and ESPs Performance of a light-scatter PM CEM Measurements down to at least 0.1mg/m3

The FILTERSENSE PM 100 particulate continuous emissions monitor (CEM) for large stacks, baghouses, cartridge type dust collectors, cyclones, and some ESPs (electrostatic precipitators) offers the performance of a light-scatter PM CEM with lower maintenance and offers far greater accuracy and low level monitoring than an opacity monitor.

The developer’s non-optical, particle charge induction-sensing provides reliable measurements down to at least 0.1mg/m3 in all types of processes including cement, power, steel, carbon black, asphalt, incinerators, smelters, chemical and pharmaceutical dryers.

The system features a user-friendly controller/display that provides many value added functions such as on the spot trend analysis and data logging.

Advanced digital signal processing provides accurate low level measurement as well as automatic self-testing to meet EPA quality assurance standards.