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Magnaflux EV6500 LED UV inspection lamp
Magnaflux EV6500 LED UV inspection lamp

High-Intensity, Dual-Light LED UV Lamp for NDT

Aug. 8, 2017
Portable lamp designed for nondestructive testing pros, improves visibility and versatility, minimizing time to inspect parts

MAGNAFLUX introduced the EV6500 LED UV inspection lamp, designed to improve inspection quality and flexibility for nondestructive testing by offering 7,000 μW/cm2, high-intensity UV-A illumination with broad-coverage 100 ft-candle white light in a single hand-held LED lamp, so inspectors can effortlessly switch from fluorescent inspection to visible flaw checking with a single device.

The EV6500 eliminates the need for a separate flashlight or overhead light for visible spot checking with built-in visible light LEDs that provide 16 inches / 41 cm of bright, concentrated white light for easy, fast visible inspections. “The key difference with the EV6500 is the wide, even coverage in both UV-A and visible light modes, giving you the ability to see more than ever before,” explained David Geis, Magnaflux product manager.

Providing 85 in2 (450 cm2) of intense UV illumination area, the EV6500 speeds up inspection time with a wide, even beam. Indications are clearly visible even at the edge of the 10-inch / 25-cm beam, thanks to the high-intensity, specially designed LED array. “Magnaflux uses custom-designed optics to give the widest UV-A beam area on the market,” continued Geis. “With the EV6500, we’ve expanded that to visible light as well, providing over 100 ft-candles of light out to a 16-inch diameter.”

Engineered specifically for NDT operations in order to reduce on-the-job downtime, this portable UV lamp features dependable, reinforced construction, along with fully sealed housing, fan-less cooling system and non-clouding lens for reliable, consistent inspections.

With LED technology, the EV6500 runs much cooler than traditional mercury-vapor lamps to eliminate the possibility of operator burns. The efficient LED array also eliminates hazardous mercury vapor waste generated by traditional UV lamps.

“The EV6500 is built with the field inspector in mind. Doing magnetic particle or penetrant inspections in the field means you’re working in less-than-ideal conditions, often with high ambient light. That means you need higher UV-A intensity to boost contrast and make indications more visible,” explained Geis. “Being able to quickly toggle between UV-A and visible light simplifies the verification of indications, making evaluation easier. Having both functions in a single lamp reduces the amount of equipment you need on site, making the process more efficient.”
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