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Inspecting Castings, Tracing Quality for Modern Foundries

“These days, highly productive foundries increasingly invest in the automation of their production facilities in order to remain competitive,” write Thomas Winkel and Dirk vom Stein in their recent research report. “In some cases, fully integrated automatic production lines have been built up, so that deliverable castings do not pass through any human hands. Thus, an important aspect of quality assurance disappears: the manual, visual inspection of the process and castings. Due to this, a tremendous demand for automated inspection systems and traceability strategies has developed.”

Winkel and vom Stein’s report describes the operating circumstances and technologies available to foundries of different types and sizes, reviews the technologies available to them, and provides examples for systematic quality assurance in modern foundry processes.

Read Winkel and vom Stein’s report, "Casting Inspection and Traceability for Total Quality Assurance"

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