Johnson Matthey Precision Castings Meets PED ESR4.3

Ontario investment caster achieves EU certification on pressure-containment products Also meets EN 10204:2004 type 3.1 requirements  

Canadian precision investment caster Johnson Matthey Precision Castings Division reports it successfully completed and passed an audit assessment by British Quality System Registrar SGS, and now it is qualified to issue product certification in compliance to PED ESR4.3.

The St. Catharines, ON, manufacturer explains: “The PED (pressure equipment directive) level achieved means that (Johnson Matthey) may now issue specific certification that meets the requirements for specific product control as required by ESR 4.3 for material supplied for use in pressure equipment falling into PED categories II, III, and IV.”

Compliance to PED ESR 4.3 also meets the requirements of EN 10204:2004 type 3.1 certificates, the company continues, which is the European standard for pressure-containment equipment.

Johnson Matthey Precision Castings Division indicates it undertook the certification process in order to be able to certify many of the pressure-containing castings, which it already produces, to the European standard.

“This is a significant accomplishment,” quality assurance manager Donald Shantz explains, “in that the PED Certification in essence would state that castings we manufacture here in Canada are in compliance to guidelines set by the European Union as it relates to the conformity of material under this standard, giving us the ability to grow our business into Europe, and leaving our customers with a confidence as well as documented proof that what we have provided to them is in compliance with EU laws.”

A business unit of Johnson Matthey, a precious metals and industrial chemicals manufacturer, Johnson Matthey Precision Castings has been in operation for 25 years. It is a member of the American Foundry Society and the Investment Casting Institute. Terry McKone, technical sales manager, states that the new certification will help it to grow its business of supplying investment castings to manufacturers of corrosion- and pressure-retaining products, in North America and in Europe.

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