The 736 Series analyzer has a customized software control program for analysis method settings diagnostics reporting and more LECO Corp.
<p>The 736 Series analyzer has a customized software control program for analysis, method settings, diagnostics, reporting, and more.</p>

Oxygen/Nitrogen Analysis by Fusion

Thermostatic construction, increased protection Touchscreen interface Automated sample loading

LECO CORPORATION introduced the 736 Series oxygen/nitrogen analyzer developed for accurate, wide-range measurement of oxygen and nitrogen content of ferrous and nonferrous alloys, inorganic materials, and refractory materials using the inert-gas fusion technique.

The 736 Series has an improved detector design with thermostatic construction and increased protection for ambient temperature fluctuations, while a long-life emitter drive and drift-free detection circuitry improve long-term stability. An optional boom-mounted touchscreen interface promotes an ergonomic workspace.

Additional options include batch or process autoloaders for automated sample loading and an integrated liquid-to-air radiator with dual DC cooling fans.

The 736 Series uses LECO’s exclusive Cornerstone® software, which offers complete access to analysis control, method settings, diagnostics, reporting, and more in an organized and immersive environment. Designed through a collaboration of customer feedback and innovative engineering, Cornerstone allows the user to conduct all day-to-day operations within a single analysis screen designed for speed and ease-of-use. An innovative grouping of sample data simplifies data output and automatically calculates relevant statistics, alleviating the need for additional data processing.

A number of models and configurations of this series are available.


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