Seven new portable industrial thermometers are available for multiple applications Wahl Instruments Inc.
Seven new, portable industrial thermometers are available for multiple applications.

Portable High-Temp, Long-Range IR Thermometers

Four high-temperature handheld models Tripod-mount model has highest distance-to-spot ratio now available

WAHL INSTRUMENTS INC. added seven new models to its series of industrial temperature measurement units, including high-temperature and long-range handheld infrared thermometers.

Four new high-temperature handheld infrared models are available: the DHS1600R and DHS2000R are two-color infrared designs.  The DHS1600R measures temperatures between 1,472° and 2,912°F (800°-1,600°C), while the DHS2000R measures between 2,012° to 3,632°F (1,100°-2,000°C.)  With a 150:1 distance-to-spot ratio, the Wahl DHS1600R and DHS2000R feature maximum temperature functionality and are not affected by smoke, steam, or particulates. 

The Wahl DHS1900 extra high-temperature and DHS3000 super high-temperature handheld infrared models have many applications in the steel and aluminum production, as well as various other chemical and high-temperature industrial processes where fast and accurate measurements are needed. These models feature RS485 interface and 4- 20-mA analog signal output through two mini-USB ports.  With a 150:1 distance-to-spot ratio, these models include high and low alarms, maximum, minimum, average, and Delta-T calculations, as well as adjustable emissivity for better accuracy.

Wahl‘s new Long Range Infrared line features the HSA1500 tripod-mount model with the highest distance-to-spot ratio now available, 1,500:1.  This super long-distance range is well suited for electrical power generation and power transmission applications.  Long-range rifle and handheld styles are available in distance-to-spot ratios of 500:1 and 300:1.  The 500:1 rifle style HSA500 scans for hot spots, and takes images containing temperature information and date-time stamps to an SD card.  The HSA300 handheld infrared model features a telescopic sight for precise aiming to measure temperatures accurately up to 50 feet away.


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