Testing Specialists Outline Cost, Throughput Techniques

Test-centric method lowers production line inefficiences

Producers of cast and/or forged components can learn ways to cut production cost and increase throughput for their parts in a new technical guide, Test-Centric Assembly, offered by InterTech Development Co.

According to Jacques Hoffmann, InterTech Development president: “There are common mistakes made by machine builders or manufacturers that do not understand the details of test processes, and what is required to fine-tune testing in the context of an assembly operation.“

InterTech Development specializes in “test-centric” assembly, and provides automated leak and functional testing with seven patented mass-flow and hydraulic technologies. It also offers helium mass spectrometry services.

The company coined the term “test-centric assembly,” which it defines as “upfront consideration of real-world test requirements in test-intensive assembly operations.” It claims its test-intensive assembly techniques are proven to lower production line inefficiencies.

The technical guide, which outlines these approaches, includes a discussion of in-line versus in-process testing; how to differentiate between defective parts and defective tests; differences in fixture design for testing versus assembly; comparing generic software to customized software for testing applications; and related cost-savings of various assembly and test techniques.

The guide is available at no charge by emailing [email protected].

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