U.S. Aluminum Castings Gets Boeing Quality Endorsement

New rating removes requirement for site inspection

U.S. Aluminum Castings reports that it has earned recognition as SQS Supplier by Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. As explained by U.S. Aluminum, Boeing’s SQS Suppliers are not required to request a source inspection for the release of completed castings.

U.S. Aluminum Castings is a business unit of Advanced Metals Group, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. It offers no-bake, permanent mold, lost foam, and green sand molding, and supplies components to aerospace, trucking, defense, and general commercial markets.

“No longer will Boeing send inspectors to the US Aluminum Castings site in Entiat, WA,” the foundry explains, crediting its longstanding high quality rating for the recognition from the aircraft builder.

U.S. Aluminum Castings maintains a current NADCAP certification in Heat Treat and Non Destructive Testing, as well as its ISO 9001:2000 with AS-9100 for its aerospace quality-management program.

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