Ancast Orders Molding Line Modernization

New Simpson system will improve automation, production efficiency

According to the Simpson Group, Aurora, IL, Ancast Industries Ltd. has contracted the company to supply a new BSM-2016G2 Matchblomatic, to update and modernize one of its two Beardsley & Piper molding lines. Ancast produces gray and ductile iron castings, and intends to increase the level of automation for its processes and to raise its production rates.

The new BSM-2016G2 will be replace one of two BSM-2016 (previous generation) machines, put into service in 1975 and 1977. Both have been well maintained, according to Simpson.

Advanced PLC controls and a "recipe" package to set job parameters on the new G2 machine, will increase in production efficiency significantly, Simpson states, through better automation and repeatability.

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