New Web Site Promotes U.S. Castings Abroad

Dec. 7, 2007
B2B venture includes industrial search engine
With an unexpectedly weak U.S. currency spurring manufacturing exports, a new website has been launched to promote domestic metalcastings to buyers in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, among other foreign markets. The American Casting Directory is being developed by an American publisher of industrial supply directories and organizer of virtual trade shows, Industrial Leaders. The American Castings Directory includes investment, semi-permanent, and molded castings in aluminum, zinc, titanium, superalloys, stainless steel, and various other metals, for nearly every application. "Recently there has been a significant number of companies in the U.S. and abroad importing an increasing number of castings from countries such as India and China, most likely because of their low price," stated Conrad Bailey, business director of "These companies fail to realize low-priced castings can end up costing more in the long run because of their often lack in material quality or manufacturer experience. We believe some of the highest quality castings in the world are made right here in America from producers with decades of experience utilizing quality domestic steel, superalloys, and other materials." The new site is part of an industrial business-to-business search engine and network, "We understand factories often need to reduce expenses but to produce quality goods you need quality castings from an experienced manufacturer that takes no short cuts in the production process as well as the materials utilized," according to Bailey. "That's why we say buy American-made castings because with the U.S. being the most competitive market in the world, quality is not an option."