Regal Cast Purchases Roberts Sinto Rotary Sand Reclaimer

April 27, 2004
Foundry sees reduced sand acquisition, disposal costs

Regal Cast, the steel foundry division of Pennsylvania Radiographic Laboratories (PRL), has ordered a rotary sand reclaimer from Roberts Sinto Corp., Lansing, MI, as a way to recapture and reclaim molding and core sand.

According to Janis Herschkowitz, president of PRL and Regal Cast, “With a sample of our sand sent to Roberts Sinto’s, the rotary sand reclaimer was capable of recycling our ester-cured phenolic resin no-bake sand … a sand that is difficult to recycle by mechanical means. Our current practice is to use our molding sand one time and throw it away.

Herschkowitz estimates that PRL will recycle more than 90% of its process sand and lower total binder costs by 32%. “Our sand acquisition costs should be dramatically reduced and we anticipate savings on the ever escalating costs for sand disposal,” she says.