P&W Assigns Contracts for JSF Propulsion Components

June 15, 2005
New fighter jet engine to begin assembly in August

Pratt & Whitney has assigned the manufacturing of critical components for the Joint Strike Fighter’s F135 propulsion system to Alp Aviation and KaleKalip, two Turkish aerospace companies.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is a new fighter jet program coordinated by the U.S. Dept. of Defense and the defense ministries of several allied nations. The jet’s manufacturer is Lockheed Martin Corp.

The F135 is the next generation of the F119 engine for the F/A- 22 Raptor. Pratt & Whitney is the lead contractor for the F135 propulsion system’s main engine and system integration; Rolls-Royce is providing lift components; and Hamilton Sundstrand is supplying the F135's control system, external accessories, and gearbox.

Alp Aviation, Eskisehir, Turkey, manufactures aircraft and engine parts and components, and is a joint venture between the Alpata Corp. and Sikorsky Aircraft, a division of Pratt & Whitney's parent company United Technologies Corp.

KaleKalip, a division of the Kale Co., designs and manufactures various weapons systems, as well as precision parts for aircraft and engine parts. to customers worldwide. KaleKalip has two facilities in Istanbul.

"Pratt & Whitney is committed to growing international participation in the F135 program by identifying best value sourcing opportunities in JSF partner nations," said Pratt & Whitney president Louis Chenevert. "Today, Alp Aviation and KaleKalip join more than 35 companies in the eight JSF partner nations who will come together to produce the F135 propulsion system."

Alp Aviation will manufacture the F135's fan rear hub and KaleKalip will produce F135 compressor shrouds, components critical to the operation of the F135 engine.

The F135 is the only propulsion system now in the system development and demonstration (SDD) phase of the JSF development program. To date, the F135 has accumulated more than 3,000 SDD test hours, in addition to the more than 3,500 hours accumulated during pre-SDD testing.

In August, Pratt & Whitney will begin assembly of the first flight test F135 engine, which will be delivered to Lockheed Martin in December of this year. The F135 program will achieve initial flight release in January 2006 and will be the only engine to power the F-35's first flight in August 2006.