New Owners Recasting Toronto Foundry

June 1, 2004
New name, new investments for Brampton facility

Breyer Industries Ltd., the new owners of Toronto-based Brampton Foundries, have renamed the operation Breyer Casting Technologies Inc. They announced the new name along with several other changes being implemented at the aluminum foundry. These include:

  • Working to establish "an employee culture focused on quality, service, engineering, and value;"
  • Investing in new die-design technology and plant automation;
  • Expanding the sales force into the U.S. and central and eastern Canada.

Gary Brent, chairman of Breyer Industries, said, "We are now beginning to implement an investment and improvement strategy contemplated before we acquired the business from Indalex in March this year.

"Our business strategy is to help our customers reduce the total cost of supply by providing expertise and value-added services. Our investments will accelerate this strategy," Brent said.

Breyer's operates two, automatic sand-molding machines for medium- to high-volume production. Its castings range from 0.1 lb to 35 lbs.

Also, it operates several auto-cast tilt machines ranging in size from 12 x 18 in. to 36 x 36 in. It maintains 1,000-lb crucibles and an 8,000-lb reverb furnace.

For high-pressure diecasting, the facility has five diecasting machines -- two 330-ton UBE, two 630-ton UBE, and a 800-ton Toshiba -- and hydraulic trim presses. It uses a continuous molten-metal transfer system to feed the diecasting machines.