New Furnace Ordered for Federal Mogul Plant

Aug. 15, 2004
Tilting barrel furnace is efficient, productive

Federal Mogul Corp. has ordered a new tilting barrel furnace from Seco/Warwick Corp. for its Sterling Piston division in Malden, MO. The furnace, part of a capacity expansion at the plant, is Seco’s WBT-75 model.

According to Meadville, PA-based Seco/Warwick, the WBT-75 has a continuous melting rate of 1,800 lb/hour (817 kg), and a holding capacity of 11,000 lb (4994 kg).

The company says its tilting barrel furnaces are designed with an arch configuration that results in a compact structure that is productive and economical. “The self-supporting steel shell and refractory lining offers the greatest resistance to heat and pressure of motion distortion,” Seco details. “This design produces improved heat-transfer for faster melting rates. By rotating the entire furnace chamber on its base, controlled pouring is achieved without the need for complicated equipment. The combination of fundamental design and rugged construction provides the ideal solution to the problems of production melting.”

Federal Mogul is a global supplier of automotive components and modules, and its Sterling Piston division is a ISO 9002- and QS-9000-certified producer of pistons to engine and small motor manufacturers.