Mercury Castings in Long-Term Supply Agreement

Aug. 3, 2006
Crankcases, other parts for Polaris ATV products

August 4, 2006 -- Mercury Castings reports it has a new, long-term agreement with Polaris Industries and Manitowoc Tool & Machine, to supply them with diecast components for their Polaris all-terrain vehicles.

Mercury Castings is a division of Mercury Marine, specializing in producing diecast and semi-solid molded parts for a long list of marine engine parts made by its parent, Brunswick Corp.

Among Brunswick's consumer brands are the Mercury and Mariner outboard engines, the Mercury MerCruiser sterndrives and inboard engines, and many more.

The agreement with Polaris and Manitowoc covers new and current products and technologies used in Polaris ATVs and utility vehicles. Mercury Castings has supplied crankcases to Polaris since 2000, and the new agreement will extend that relationship at least through 2012.

Mercury Castings diecasts the parts using its own processes and materials, and then ships them from its Fond du Lac, WI, plant to nearby Manitowoc. There, they are machined by MTM prior to being sent to the Polaris assembly plant in Osceola, WI.

"We're proud to be in partnership with world-class companies such as MTM and Polaris," said Mercury Castings general manager David Olson. "This agreement adds long-term stability to the relationship and allows us to take the partnership to the next level."