Nissan Honors Hayes Lemmerz Wheel Plant for Quality

Aug. 15, 2007
Also, brake plant earns "zero-defects" recognition

Hayes Lemmerz Intl.'s steel wheel plant in Sedalia, MO, has been named a top U.S. supplier by Nissan North America Inc. The automaker awarded the plant with its 2007 Quality Master Certificate, based on quality evaluations from Nissan's North American Engineering, Manufacturing, Product Quality, Production Control, and Purchasing divisions.

Reportedly, Nissan makes the award following a year-long evaluation of supplier systems, incoming quality, response time, cost reductions capability, design support, timely shipments, product performance, and Nissan's own vehicle evaluation system.

Hayes Lemmerz also reports that the Sedalia plant and the group's automotive brake plant in Apodaca, Mexico, (near Monterrey) were named 2007 Nissan Zero Defects Award winners. The Zero Defects Award recognizes suppliers that ship fewer than three defective parts per million over one year.

Both awards were presented during a recent Nissan Supplier Quality Seminar and Awards event, in Nashville.

According to chief operating officer Fred Bentley, "Hayes Lemmerz is extremely proud to receive this honor. We share Nissan's passion for excellence and for delivering top-quality products to customers. This award not only demonstrates Hayes Lemmerz' superior performance in quality, but also our commitment to our customers.

"It is also a well-deserved recognition of the hard work and dedication of our employees in North America," Bentley added.

Sedalia plant manager William Goodall called the two awards "a testament to the commitment and value we place on our customers and is the result of our dedicated employees who work to ensure quality and consistency throughout our organization."