New Organization for LaserPour Group

July 1, 2004
Re-affiliates with Koins

As of July 1 the LaserPour Group is operating as unit of a new company, Koins Corp. Formerly a division of LMI Technologies, LaserPour is teaming with Koins Ltd. to continue sales and support to its ongoing customers while LMI focuses on OEM sales.

Koins Ltd, a South Korean company, supplies foundry-system manufacturing support services. It has expanded by acquiring the LaserPour organizations in the U.S. and Sweden, “preserving the LaserPour knowledge base,” a company source reports.

LMI will maintain rights to the “LaserPour” trademark, and continue to manufacture foundry-specific sensors. However, users of LaserPour systems will rely on the Koins organization for support, upgrades, and new systems.

Koins Corp. was created to support the customers in the U.S. and North and South America. Also, Koins R&D AB was established to support European customers and to carry on product research and development.

Contact LaserPour Group at Tel. 248-359-2407.