EPA Charges Stroh Die Casting

Feb. 27, 2006
Alleges failure to test, record secondary aluminum emissions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 recently cited Stroh Die Casting Co. Inc., Milwaukee, for alleged clean-air violations. The agency charges that between January and November 2004, Stroh failed to carry out performance tests on its secondary aluminum furnaces, and that it failed to comply with notification and record-keeping requirements.

Stroh Die Casting produces a variety of aluminum products at Milwaukee, as well as zinc diecastings at a plant in Mauston, WI. Among the group's customers are manufacturers of power tools, lawn and garden equipment, computer equipment, electronics, telecom devices, motors and controls, and pumps and compressors.

Customers frequently return aluminum trimmings and other scrap for recycling, and processors of such secondary aluminum melting process are required to test for dioxin and furan emissions.

The charges against Stroh Die Casting are preliminary, and the company was given 30 days to meet with EPA officials and to discuss the allegations.