Frhlich Restructures, Makes North American Link

June 5, 2007
Vibratory hopper and feed systems supplier aims to be leaner, more adaptable

June 5, 2007 — Frhlich Vibratory Hopper and Feed Systems Ltd., a Swiss engineering firm and supplier of material-handling equipment for foundries, among other industries, reports it completed a "top to bottom restructuring," and now seeks to continue expanding in North America through a new partnership with Froehlich North America L.L.C.

Froehlich North America, Sterling Heights, MI, is an importer and services provider.

"The new company picks up where the old one left off," Froehlich states, aiming to create a leaner, more adaptable organization and control the costs of doing business with a European machine-tool supplier. Froehlich continues to offer engineering and building of vibratory feed systems, including bowl feeders, tower feeders, step feeders, vibratory conveyors, and custom sorting equipment.

"With new engineering and manufacturing capabilities in Switzerland, and thanks to some strategic partnerships with other Swiss based companies, Frhlich is able to continue to provide the high-quality vibratory feeding systems that it was known for in the past, at more competitive prices today," says Horst Reinhardt, Jr., general manager of Froehlich North America.