New Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Alloy Offered

May 21, 2006
Compares with A360, A380 and A413

May 22, 2006 -- A new dieacasting alloy has been developed and patented by MDW Technologies L.L.C., Newport Beach, CA, and reportedly offers corrosion-resistance like other commercially available aluminum alloys, but better heat-transfer characteristics. Unlike comparable alloys A360, A380 and A413, Delphi K-Alloy is said to withstand corrosive conditions without coatings or special designs.

Comparing Delphi K-Alloy’s physical properties, MDW says it presents a yield strength of 25,000 psi versus. 23,000 psi for A380, while its elongation at 5.1% versus 3.8% for A380. MDW indicates the alloy may be used in place of stainless steel in qualified applications, and that it exhibits good paint adhesion without extensive pretreatment.

Delphi K-Alloy’s is already in use with one high-volume automotive application, according to MDW. "An outdoor lighting company has successfully completed 3000 hours of salt spray testing of Delphi K-Alloy without coatings," adds to Marty Newman, chief technology officer. MDW is offering K-Alloy in commercial quantities. They indicate castings can be produced without altering the current dies or diecasting equipment.

MDW Technologies LLC, which represents Delphi Corp., researches materials engineering and application of electronics and electronic sensors.