Auburn Foundry Plans to Close One Plant

Oct. 14, 2004
Bankruptcy reorganization plan calls for consolidating operations

Indiana-based Auburn Foundry Inc. plans to close one of its foundries in the city of Auburn as part of a bankruptcy reorganization plan now being reviewed. The strategy is to concentrate gray and ductile iron casting operations at the newer of two foundries. The company produces components used by car, truck, RV, and appliance manufacturers.

According to a reorganization plan first reported in July, a new company known as AFI L.L.C. would be established to acquire most of the existing Auburn organization’s assets and some of its liabilities. As detailed then, the AFI reorganization plan was to continue operating both foundries, with the aid of concessions from labor unions representing workers there.

Now, as reported by the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette., about 210 jobs at the older Auburn operation would be eliminated, including about 30 administrative positions.