Oberdorfer Adds Sand-Reclamation System

May 4, 2008
Aluminum foundry expects full re-use of bonded mold, core sands

A Syracuse, NY, aluminum foundry has started operating a new sand-reclamation system it claims allows it to “completely recycle chemically bonded mold and core sands.” Oberdorfer L.L.C. produces complex castings for oil-and-gas, HVAC, aerospace, and aircraft markets, among others, using permanent and semi-permanent molding, no-bake molding, and dry sand molding processes.

Oberdorfer is a unit of Advanced Metals Group L.L.C. It says the investment demonstrates its “continued commitment to follow through with various lean manufacturing initiatives which should increase quality, reduce lead time, and eliminate inventory over-stocking for our customers.”

The new reclamation system is a Gudgeon Thermfire Model 3000, with stacked bed units that heat molding sand using combustion air drawn through a heat exchanger and distributed through burners. Heated air passes through stacked fluid beds, where the thermal sand reclamation is done.

Oberdorfer reports its system was designed to allow the foundry to recycle chemically bonded mold and core sands completely, which will allow it to “full re-use” of all the sand used for its no-bake and semi-permanent molding processes.

“Although the cost of recycling versus new sand purchase is not significant, sand inventories will be reduced and the impact of reliance on timely sand availability by rail has been eliminated,” the foundry states.

It adds that using reclaimed sand may give it the ability to produce complex no-bake castings with a better finish and less porosity, because the Thermfire heating and cooling reclamation process removes sand fines and improves the venting of the mold.