EMI Supplying Robotics to ICC

April 11, 2005
Handling system for engine blocks

Equipment Merchants International Inc. has earned a contract from Indianapolis Castings Corp., Indianapolis, for a robotic casting handling system. The casting handling system will automatically remove engine blocks from a vibratory conveyor, re-orient the castings and remove any flashing and risers. The engine blocks will then be indexed onto a vibratory take-away conveyor.

Indianapolis Castings produces precision gray iron castings used in the production of engines by International Truck and Engine Co. Both firms are units of Navistar International, the truck and heavy-equipment builder.

EMI, Cleveland, is specialized supplier of equipment and services for diverse metalcasting applications. Listed among its equipment offerings are coremaking systems, automated and standard molding systems, flasks, aluminum casting systems, no-bake systems, Lber gas generators, casting wedges, robotic systems, and briquetting systems. It also supplies remanufacturing services and replacement parts.