Hydro Supplying Engine Blocks, Cylinder Heads to Chinese Automaker

Nov. 3, 2004
Three-year contract with Brilliance

Hydro Aluminium’s diecasting subsidiary, Hydro Aluminium Gyr in Gyr, Hungary, is supplying China’s Brilliance Automotive with 110,000 aluminum cylinder heads and 110,000 engine blocks under a three-year contract. Deliveries began in late October, according to Hydro.

Brilliance is manufacturing mid-sized sedans at Shenyang. "This contract with Brilliance is a milestone for our location and for Hydro," stated Ferenc Havasi, managing director of Hydro Aluminum Gyr.

Hydro Aluminium Gyr is a wholly owned subsidiary. Since 1997 it has been manufacturing aluminum castings for engines, with a capacity of about 1 million units per year. Customers include GM/Opel, Audi, BMW, and Renault. Hydro in Gyr has a workforce of 500.