Finnish Foundry Selects Simpson Multi-Cooler for Redesign Project

June 15, 2004
Componenta consolidating two plants for optimal operation

Simpson Corp. reports it will be supplying its Model #MC-200 Simpson Multi-Cooler as part of a modernization and expansion at Componenta Corp.’s foundry at Karkkila, Finland foundry. Componenta operates foundries, forges, and machine shops in Finland and Sweden, and last summer announced a plan to merge two foundries.

The Componenta Karkkila and Componenta Alvesta in Sweden are similar in size and both are operating at less than optimal capacity utilization. The plan is to consolidate the machinery, equipment, and capabilities of the two foundries to eliminate excess capacity and create a efficient, and competitive, operation. It’s due to start operating in August.

The Karkkila foundry will be redesigned with a new layout, centering around a Heinrich Wagner Sinto automatic molding machine that will be moved to Karkkila from the Alvesta foundry. The frame height of the molding machine will be raised, making it possible to manufacture larger items and a wider product range. Melting and sand production capacity will be increased at and the coremaking and cleaning shops will be the object of capital investments to raise productivity.

The foundry sand preparation plant will be one aspect of this investment, since the existing fluid bed cooler processes just 120 metric tons of sand per hour.

Simpson explains that Componenta already operates two Simpson Multi-Coolers successfully at its other foundries. Based on that experience, they settled on the #MC-200 Simpson Multi-Cooler to optimize performance of the new sand preparation plant. The Model #MC-200 will process the required amount of sand more effectively than a fluid bed cooler, and fit better into the available space.