Cymat Gains New Patent for Aluminum Foam Process

March 27, 2005
Protected through 2022

Cymat Corp. has been granted a U.S. patent for its method of producing discrete molded aluminum foam components. This patent grants protection through 2022 for the company's process for making stabilized aluminum foam near-net shapes. Parallel patent applications have been filed in a number of other countries.

"We are extremely pleased with the issuance of another U.S. patent addressing this core aspect of our technology," said Dr. Paul A. Tichauer, Cymat president and CEO. "This patent expands our intellectual property base and provides additional patent protection for our business."

Tichauer explaind that the new patent extends Cymat’s protection for it proprietary technology beyond the expiration date of the base Alcan and Norsk Hydro patents under which it now operates, and which are key elements of it technology licensing program.

Cymat develops industrial materials, and has exclusive worldwide rights, via patents and licenses, for producing a stabilized aluminum foam product manufactured by bubbling gas through molten alloyed aluminum containing a dispersion of fine ceramic particles. The foam is used to create lightweight panels and shapes.

Cymat is involved in research and development with several partners in the automotive, transportation and construction industries.