Great Lakes Castings Relocating Some Operations

Oct. 11, 2004
Finishing, pattern-repair moving to Holland Twp., MI

Great Lakes Castings Corp. is planning to open a new plant in Holland Township, MI, in November, with as many as 60 employees by expected to be on site by the end of this year. The facility will house the finishing and pattern-repair operations now installed at the foundry’s Luddington, MI, plant.

About 55 jobs will be phased out at the Luddington site, according to a local newspaper report. Great Lakes Castings produces parts for various customer segments, including HVAC, automotive, compressors, construction, agricultural, and valve manufacturing.

According to a report in the Grand Rapids Press, Great Lakes Castings president and CEO Rob Killips said the location was chosen in part because of the availability of flexible, self-motivated workers.

Killips told the paper Great Lakes will achieve labor-costs savings, and the operation will be much closer to a number of customers. "We make our living in customer service. That is our niche in the market," Killips said.