Diecaster Upgrades Simulation Software

May 11, 2004
New Magma products speed process, create new options

Pennsylvania’s PHB Die Casting has adopted an improvement to its MagmaSoft casting-process simulation software. The new MagmaDual software function takes advantage of new, two-processor PCs to produce simulation results even faster than before.

Magma Foundry Technologies is the North American subsidiary of Magma Giessereitechnologie, Aachen, Germany. It supplies metalcasting process-simulation software, and related engineering services.

In a recent test PHB found they could make MagmaSoft simulations more than 6.5 times faster using MagmaDual, which brings significant advantages in terms of speed but also changes the way the diecaster engineers its products. They can now try alternative scenarios that might once have been rejected because of time constraints.

Engineers can also look into more details of projects, as circumstances require.

PHB is also adopting the Magmapdc module, which evaluates diecasting-specific parameters (e.g., shot profile, spraying conditions, and die sequence) to provide more valuable information in a simulations.