Mexican Foundry to Add MagmaSoft

June 29, 2004
Simulation software will improve engineering, product quality

Tisamatic, a San Luis Potosi, Mexico, iron foundry, has added MagmaSoft casting-process simulation software to its operations and quality group. This installation, including the MagmaIron and MagmaDisa modules will allow Tisamatic to troubleshoot existing castings and optimize new casting launches.

The foundry has had technical support from Auburn Foundry Auburn, IN, for several years. This arrangement gave Tisamatic access to MagmaSoft simulation software and experienced simulation engineers. Now, with customers’ requirements increasing and its ductile-iron business expanding, Tisamatic plans to make simulation a more active component of its engineering.

Tisamatic will use simulation in-house to assess various problems, such as inconsistencies in Brinell hardness found in several rotor casting designs. The MagmaIron module, which can predict microstructure and corresponding mechanical properties, will be a strategic software tool.