Astech Alloy Steel Orders Molding Machine

Aug. 9, 2005
Brock Solutions to customize matchplate machine to special flask size

Brock Solutions, an Ontario-based designer, developer, and installer of matchplate molding machines and other foundry equipment, has been contracted by Astech Alloy Steel Technology, for a new matchplate molding machine based on a standard 20x24 frame, but with some modifications to fit the 16x20 flask size.

Astech Alloy Steel Technology, Vassar, MI, specializes in short and long casting runs for custom parts used for extreme heat, wear, and corrosion-resistance. The steel jobbing foundry realized that its business required it to look beyond the market-standard machines (eg., 14x19, 20x24, and 30x32 machines).

Brock Solutions specializes in standard and custom-sized machines. It worked with Astech to determine its exact needs. According to Astech president John Cederstrom: "We chose Brock Solutions to supply our matchplate mold machine as they were the only manufacturer that could competitively supply a 16 x 20 mold size with the ability to face both cope and drag halves -- which in our case, is a must. I gained confidence in Brock’s ability to earn our business after visiting several installations where I learned that their machines were designed by foundrymen as well as machine builders."

In addition to molding machines, Brock Solutions designs and supplies turntables, melt and sand cooling control systems, core room services control systems, and casting conveyor systems.