Fort Wayne Workers Reject Contract Approach, Again

March 29, 2004
UAW holds out even as others agree

United Auto Workers employed at Fort Wayne Foundry Corp.'s Columbia City, IN, plant once again refused company's request to renegotiate its labor agreement and consider wage concessions. It’s the second time in 30 days that the plant has rejected the company’s approach, though workers at three other Fort Wayne Foundry plants have agreed to the changes.

Workers at two of the other plants, all in Fort Wayne, are represented by the Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics, & Allied Workers union, while the UAW represents the third.

Fort Wayne Foundry is asking workers to accept a 10% pay cut and to begin contributiing about $100/month to their health insurance premiums.

The concessions are keyed to improving Fort Wayne Foundry’s cash management, as it aims to expand and improve its operation ahead of a new General Motors contract award. The foundry produces aluminum engine manifolds.