TKA Waupaca Orders New Sert Systems

July 1, 2004
Three automatic mold-pouring systems to be installed at Marinette

TKA Waupaca Foundry’s No.4 plant in Marinette, WI, will be the site of three new Disa lines, each with a Uceram automatic mold-pouring unit to be supplied by Sert. The announcement cam from Sert, a French engineering firm that designs molten-metal flow-control systems.

TKA-Waupaca is a subsidiary of the Budd Co., part of the ThyssenKrupp Automotive AG group.

At Marinette, each new Sert unit will be mounted on a pressurized pouring furnace, feeding spheroidal graphite (SG) iron to a Disamatic line through a stopper, at a rate of up to 360 molds per hour.

This installation follows Sert’s earlier installation in 2003 of a Uceram automatic-pouring unit, and an automatic positioning system (Magecod) added to the furnace in 2004.

The current project involves the standard Uceram package (OptoNum camera to measure pouring, smart controller and supervising unit, and Dem-MQS electric high-precision stopper driving system); a pneumatic “twist and plunge” cleaning system; and a Megecod device.

Marinette is now the third TKA Waupaca plant operating the Sert Uceram system, with a total of 13 units installed across the organizaton.