Matalco Joins The Aluminum Association

March 8, 2006
New Ontario remelter has a capacuty of 200,000 tons/year

According to the Arlington, VA-based Aluminum Association, its board of directors has approved Matalco Inc. as a new producer member. Matalco is an independent remelter and supplier of aluminum billets. It is owned primarily by the principals of Triple M Metal Inc., Canada's largest processor of ferrous and nonferrous metals, and it's also a member of the Aluminum Extruders Council.

Matalco began operation last year at its new plant, in Brampton, ON. The plant's initial production capacity is 200 million lb of primary aluminum billet, a capacity that should be reached this year. The plant has been designed to produce at double that capacity, to meet future market demand that Matalco expects to emerge by 2010.

According to company president and CEO Leon Kozierok, "We are very pleased to have the opportunity to join The Aluminum Association. Matalco believes the Association has a vital role to play in promoting aluminum and the aluminum industry and we at Matalco look forward to playing an active role in that process."