U.S. Aluminum Castings Notes 65% Lost-Time Reduction

Dec. 7, 2008
Plant safety program renewed for 2009

U.S. Aluminum Castings, Entiat, WA, reports it has achieved a 65% reduction in lost-time days since beginning a safety-incentive program in 2006. The program, organized by Peavy Performance Systems renewed recently for 2009, combines plant-wide visual devices and reminders for workers. U.S. Aluminum claims the lost-time reduction directly translated into a below-average rate of workmen’s compensation payments for 2007, 2008.

Peavey Performance Systems develops and conducts programs that encourage plant safety. Its Safety Jackpot program encourages workers to earn game cards for each accident-free week, and each scratch cards contain points that can be redeemed for merchandise from the Jackpot’s Award Catalog. After each card is redeemed, it is placed in a year-end jackpot drawing for $10,000 and $1 million prizes.

U.S. Aluminum Castings is a business unit of Advanced Metals Group, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. It offers no-bake, permanent mold, lost foam, and green sand molding, and supplies components to aerospace, trucking, defense, and general commercial markets.