Inductoheat Acquires Ross Production Systems

Aug. 7, 2005
… will focus on mains frequency heating systems

Inductoheat Inc. of Madison Heights, MI, recently acquired the Mains Frequency (50/60 Hz) induction-heating assets of Ross Production Systems Inc. of Brighton, MI.

Ross has supplied equipment to the automotive and electric motor industry since 1963. The acquisition, completed in June, will focus on mains frequency heating systems and will offer support of existing induction-heating systems from Inductoheat’s headquarters facility.

Craig Putnam, product manager, will lead the sales efforts with the support of Peter Ross, former president of Ross.

Also, Inductoheat has expanded its induction process development and metallurgical inspection laboratory in Madison Heights. A simultaneous dual-frequency induction hardener has been added for heat-treat process development with critical gear applications. Solid-state RF power units have been added to replace older, tube-type oscillators. A carbon analyzer has been added for inspecting incoming materials. Several hundred unique inductor designs are in stock to speed process development. New induction coil and tooling design are supported by Inductoheat’s engineering department, and there are now over a dozen independent induction heat-treat machines in use with all popular frequency and power ranges available.

Inductoheat is a Q-1 and ISO-9001-certified manufacturer of induction-heating equipment and offers full-service parts, coils, and repairs. For further information, call 1-800-624-6297, or visit