Pyrotek Acquires Metaullics Assets

Feb. 11, 2005
“… expands ability to improve performance for foundry and casthouse customers …”

Pyrotek Inc. has acquired the global assets of Metaullics, a developer and supplier of molten-metal processing technology, including pumps and systems for degassing and bonded particle filtration. The takeover includes U.S.-based Metaullics Systems, L.P.; Metaullics System Europe B.V. in The Netherlands; U.K.-based EMP Technologies Ltd.; and Metaullics Systems Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.

Metaullics will operate as an integrated business unit of Pyrotek.

Pyrotek supplies a range of products and services to primary and secondary aluminum producers and nonferrous foundries worldwide. Pyrotek also offers products and services for treating and handling molten steel, glass, hearth products, and specialty metals. Pyrotek president and CEO Allan Roy, stated: “By combining the complementary strengths of Metaullics and Pyrotek, Pyrotek Inc. expands its ability to improve performance for foundry and casthouse customers, while offering the increased efficiency of one-stop shopping to customers around the globe. Metaullics brings industry leading technology and service to Pyrotek’s global customers in molten metal scrap processing and pumping, and extends the range of degassing and filtration solutions available from Pyrotek.”

Specfically, Pyrotek says it plans to consolidate its molten-metal pump activities into Metaullics. Metaullics will be supported by Pyrotek's global sales force. Metaullics patented SHUR-LOK degassing coupling and patented STAR foundry rotor will be made available to Pyrotek customers, in combination with Pyrotek’s SNIF degassing equipment and flux-injection systems.

Rick Chandler, former president of Metaullics and now general manager of Pyrotek’s Metaullics Systems division, stated: "Metaullics has excellent products, but in many cases lacked the resources to service the worldwide market as thoroughly as we would have liked. Pyrotek is much better represented to take our products to market globally, especially metal treatment products for foundries. Pyrotek's technical sales representation is unparalleled in the aluminum industry. There is a great opportunity to leverage that presence with Metaullics products for light gauge scrap preparation and melting systems, filtration systems using bonded particle filter media, and degassing systems and components."