NADCA Offering Updated Process Optimization Software

June 7, 2004
PQ2 Version 3.0 diagrams casting process

The North American Die Casting Assn. reports it has released PQ2 Software Version 3.0, the latest version of a program used by diecasters to optimize their casting processes from their desktop PC.

It is specific to the diecasting process, and offers users “an excellent tool to ensure that dies are fitted to the appropriate machine, a machine with sufficient power to best produce a part,” according to NADCA. The software applies its own embedded calculations to build a diagram of the process. This report is described as “an analytical result that provides the user with the most favorable process production window.”

PQ2 3.0 program has been redesigned to make file management faster and easier. This version of the software can be integrated with CastView 3.0 and Gating 3.0.

Users will find that many of PQ2’s functions remain intact, however. The PQ2 diagram is produced by entering the appropriate parameters, as in the past. Now, though, the program has a feature that allows users to interact with the diagram. By adjusting the machine power line, the die/gate area line, and the gate velocity limit lines, a new operating window is opened. Then, the program calculates the operating parameters based on the redefined diagram.

PQ2 also accommodates parts with multiple gates and multiple cavities easily.

PQ2 Version 3.0 is offered to NADCA corporate members at $400.00. Individual members may buy the program for $600.00. For non-members, the price is $800.00. Visit the NADCA website to place your order.