Magaldi Conveyor for SandMold Project

Feb. 12, 2004
Part of revamp at MH Valve

Italian machine-builder Magaldi Industrie reports its now in a contract with SandMold Systems, Newaygo, MI, to supply a Magaldi Superbelt PD/AC 1008.108 coneyor. The system will be 95 feet long and 40 in. wide.

The new conveyor is one part of a turn-key revamping that SandMold is carrying out for the MH Vave foundry in Anniston, AL. It will be used as a “sprue return conveyor,” according to Magaldi, to handle material as it emerges from the sorting conveyor and return them to the scrap yard.

Magaldi indicates that the conveyor’s 30° incline makes it possible to achieve a “quick lift of the equipment,” so it will not interfere with the Disa SBC operating just a short distance away.