AFS Name Taylor and Witt Award Winners for 2004

Dec. 30, 2003
Research on lost foam casting, “quality” costs will be honored

The American Foundry Society has announced the winners of two awards presented annually to authors/researchers whose work is seen “having the greatest long-range significance to the metalcasting industry.” The AFS Honorary Lectures and Papers committee will recognize “Developments in Lost Foam Casting of Magnesium” with the 2004 Howard F. Taylor Award; and “Measuring and Reducing Appraisal Costs in the Foundry” with the Ray H. Witt Award.

“Developments in Lost Foam Casting of Magnesium,” by Michael Marlatt of wfv/Roeperwerk, David Weiss of Eck Industries, and John Hryn of the Argonne National Laboratory, was presented at the 2003 AFS Casting Congress. It successfully demonstrates the castability of magnesium using the lost-foam process, according to AFS, and will be he basis for further R&D into the casting of magnesium. “This work proved that magnesium can be cast in lost foam, a process considered sensitive to strict process controls,” AFS states.

“Measuring and Reducing Appraisal Costs in the Foundry,” written and presented by Theodore Schorn of Enkei America, was presente at the 2003 Casting Congress also. It summarizes the costs associated with quality appraisals and, according to AFS, “will help metalcasting organizations better define and measure appraisal costs, leading to improved customer satisfaction and decreased casting costs.”

Both awards will be presented later this year at the 108th Metalcasting Congress, June 12-14 in Rosemont, IL.