Turkish Engine-Block Caster to Install Sintercast System

Sept. 9, 2005
CGI seen as performance and durability improvement

Dktas A.S÷ Turkey’s largest iron-casting operation will install Sintercast’s System 2000 process control system for series production of compacted graphite iron. It will be installed at the main Dktas plant in Bursa-Orhangazi, Turkey, in October, and series production of SinterCast-CGI cylinder blocks and cylinder heads will begin later this year.

CGI is seen as an improvement for performance and durability in the plant’s current production of 7.3-litre commercial vehicle engine. Dktas and SinterCast also are involved in other CGI development programs that will start production during 2006.

Series production of SinterCast-CGI cylinder blocks and cylinder heads for a performance and durability upgrade of a current-production 7.3-litre commercial vehicle engine is planned to commence during 2005. Dktas and SinterCast are also currently supporting other CGI development programs with production start expected during 2006.

Yaylali Gnay, general manager of Dktas, stated: “We are committed to establishing Dktas as one of the leading CGI suppliers to the world automotive industry.” Dktas produces gray and ductile iron and aluminum castings, and is Europe’s sixth-largest metalcasting operation.

“While the 7.3-litre commercial vehicle cylinder block and head demonstrate the potential for CGI in performance and durability upgrades of existing components,” Gnay continued, “Dktas will also develop new purpose-built CGI applications and explore the conversion of existing gray-iron and ductile-iron castings to CGI in order to maximize CGI tonnage.”

SinterCast, based in Stockholm, supplied on-line process controls for high-volume production of CGI. It has production agreements with 26 foundries in 14 countries, accounting for more thatn 40% of the world’s capacity for cast-iron cylinder blocks and heads.

“It is rewarding that the positive series production experience with SinterCast-CGI in other high volume applications has provided the confidence to extend CGI to this upgrade program for the 7.3-litre commercial vehicle engine” said Steve Dawson, SinterCast president and CEO of SinterCast.