DISA SERF Acquired by Senator Technology

Jan. 22, 2007
German group now offers range of capabilities for aluminum, gray iron castings

January 22, 2007 — Senator Technology GmbH, of Bucholz, Germany, reports it has acquired Disa Serf SAS, Lorient, France, and will re-brand the company as SERF SAS, a Senator Technology Co..

DISA SERF has been the business unit of the DISA group that focuses on supplying equipment for fettling and finishing ferrous and light-metal castings.

Senator Technology now claims to offer complete capabilities in equipment for producing aluminum castings, via gravity diecastings, from liquid metal to finished products; as well as a complete line of aluminum and gray iron parts. "We believe that this action is consistent with the market trend in our industry to increase our ability to offer competitive products and hence secure a continuous development, greater manufacturing efficiencies and capacities on global platforms," the company stated.