Pennsylvania Foundry Facing EPA Fine

Oct. 17, 2004
Agency alleges federal hazardous waste and water pollution violations

According to a statement by the U.S.. Environmental Protection Agency, Leed Foundry Inc., in St. Clair, PA, faces a fine of at least $157,000 for alleged federal hazardous waste and water pollution violations. Leed Foundry produces gray-iron castings used for municipal projects. EPA contends the producer dumped hazardous waste on the ground and on an outside concrete pad, and also cited the foundry for stormwater violations associated to the dumping.

The hazardous waste cited is baghouse dust, containing cadmium and lead. Stormwater runoff contacted the dust and other contaminants before flowing into storm sewers that discharged into a nearby stream. EPA says Leed Foundry failed to obtain a required stormwater permit for the discharge until March 2004.

EPA is proposing a $157,000 penalty for the Clean Water Act violations, and it will propose a further penalty for the hazardous waste storage violation, which violates the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.