Tube City IMS Merges Operating Subsidiaries

Jan. 2, 2008
Change reflects customers requirements, it says
Pittsburgh-based scrap processor and mill service supplier Tube City IMS Corp. has merged its two operating units, Tube City L.L.C. and International Mill Service Inc., and changed its name to Tube City IMS L.L.C. It explained that merging the business units and changing the organization name is a better reflection of “the changing requirements of the company’s customers, and will strengthen the corporate brand worldwide.” Since the merger of Tube City and IMS in 2004, the two units have operated separately under a holding company, Tube City IMS Corporation. The company explains its organization, customer service, and day-to-day business are not affected, and that operations will continue under the current trade names, Tube City Division, Tube City IMS, and IMS Division, Tube City IMS. Tube City IMS supplies metallic raw materials and performs a range of on-site services (scrap management and optimization, metal recovery, dust/debris management, refractory removal, and more) to steel mills and foundries in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. The company also announced that its Canadian subsidiary, International Mill Service Ltd., has been renamed Tube City IMS Canada Limited.