Atlas Foundry Awarded, Rewarded for Environmental Efforts

Dec. 19, 2007
More efficient lighting saves energy, reduces pollution

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels recognized Atlas Foundry recently for its “commitment to environmental stewardship,” as well as the company’s Environmental Stewardship Award from Energy Management Systems Inc.

Atlas Foundry is a gray-iron operation in Marion, IN, producing finished and unfinished castings to agricultural, construction, and industrial equipment builders, as well as valves, marine engine components, and other manufacturing markets.

Energy Management Systems supplied a new plant lighting system to Atlas, updating the inefficient fixtures and helping to reduce air pollution by a reported 340,000 lb/year.

“We are pleased to receive the Environmental Stewardship Award from EMS and recognition from the Governor’s office,” Atlas Foundry president and CEO Jim Gartland stated. “More importantly, we are pleased with the cost savings and the improved work environment for our employees.”

According to EMS, following a lighting audit of the plant and installation of “appropriate, energy-efficient lighting practices and techniques, Atlas Foundry immediately began realizing benefits in the initial phase of their energy upgrades. Atlas invested in energy-efficient lighting and motion sensor controls to turn lights off when not in use, to save money, conserve energy, and improve poorly lit work areas throughout the facility.”

David Riggle, EMS president, explained: “Understanding where energy was being wasted was the first step for Atlas. Their commitment to saving energy and improving the workplace for employees has made a significant impact on Atlas' business and the environment.”