Ingot Metal Co. to Supply Lead-Free Brass Ingots

Feb. 2, 2006
Eco-Brass sub-license with Chase Brass & Copper

Chase Brass & Copper Co. has agreed with Toronto-based Ingot Metal Co. Ltd. for the latter to produce and sell Eco-Brass ingots for North American distribution. The arrangement is referred to as a “sub-license agreement”; Chase Brass, Montpelier, OH, has the exclusive license to produce and sell Eco-Brass rods and ingots in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Chase is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Olin Corp., and North America’s largest brass rod manufacturer. Eco-Brass is a lead-free alloy with physical and mechanical properties that provide excellent strength and corrosion resistance characteristics, and yet maintains good machinability. It was commercially developed by Sambo Copper Alloy Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Ingot Metal has been manufacturing brass and bronze ingots for over 60 years. It has a capacity estimated at over 60 million lb/year for the full range of copper-base alloys to ASTM, CDA, SA, and military specifications. It is capable of performing “just in time” delivery, and has 12 distribution warehouses across Canada and the U.S. It also offers on-site foundry consultation.

Ingot Metal states its new sublicense means that North American metalcasters will have a domestic supplier of Eco-Brass ingots.