IdraPrince Inc. Supplying SSR to Yamaha

Jan. 4, 2006
Process uses diecasting machinery to produce parts comparable to squeeze-/permanent-mold cast components

IdraPrince Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diecasting machinery, reports it has supplied a Semi-Solid Rheocasting process system to Japan’s Yamaha Motor Co. IdraPrince supplies SSR technology under an exclusive license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Semi-solid rheocasting uses conventional diecasting machinery to produce high-integrity, near-net-shape parts with strength and ductility comparable to squeeze- or permanent-mold cast components.

Mark Los, president of the Holland, MI, firm, stated: “We are pleased with Yamaha’s commitment to implement SSR technology and believe they will take full advantage of the many cost and quality benefits this process offers.”

Los went on to explain that IdraPrince’s sales and service partnership with Hishinuma Machinery Corp. provides Yamaha and other Japanese companies with full service and support for its diecasting process technologies and equipment.